Our Goals and Principles

  • 5 days for first response to your inquiry
  • further 10 days for preparation of an offer
  • structured process for optimal technology transfer
  • same contact persons throughout the whole project
  • weekly (continuous) information of project progress
  • reporting as agreed with you
  • commissioning campaign accompanied by the development chemist
  • implementation of process improvements during commissioning campaign
  • on-time delivery as highest priority at agreed quality

Your Benefits

Our speed reduces your costs and enhances your competitiveness. Our flexibility makes us highly responsive to your requirements. Our reliability enables you to plan with confidence. Our scale-up technology and skills deliver the quantity and quality you need.

Case Study


API Intermediate by a Chiral Synthesis

Benefits for Customer:

  • fast delivery of product
  • additional services like stability studies
  • improved selectivity
  • low temperature reaction

The goal was the scale-up of a six step synthesis to form a chiral intermediate, to validate the process and have the first quantities produced within 6 months under cGMP. The previous supplier of the intermediate dropped out of the business leaving the customer with the urgent need for an alternative supplier. The tech transfer was achieved within 6 months. The synthesis included a diastereomeric condensation step at -70 °C. Despite the urgency of the project, RohnerChem was able to implement several improvements during the scale-up, e. g. the yield and the quality of the last step could be dramatically improved, resulting in lower costs for the customer.

Case Study


Superior Quality:

Benefits for Customer:

  • robust down stream processes
  • reliable quality and delivery

The goal was to improve the quality of an intermediate produced for a pharmaceutical company. A non-detectable impurity caused quality problems in the consecutive API-synthesis at the customer’s site. In collaboration with the customer, the process parameters were optimized in order to avoid the critical impurity. Due to several measurements, the product quality could be improved. Based on this success, the customer entered in a multi-year supply agreement.

Case Study


Sulfur Containing Anilines – Unique Methodology
for Complex Building Blocks

Benefits for Customer:

  • reliable supply of unique aromatic building blocks
  • more efficient syntheses

The goal was to produce a sulfur containing aniline on large scale. The product is synthesized in a two step process. In the first step a chloro nitro arene is substituted by a thiolate, and in the second step the nitro group is reduced to the aniline. Using classical hydrogenation technology the catalyst was poisoned immediately by the sulphur in the molecule. Therefore, RohnerChem used HTC (Hydrogen Transfer Catalysis) - the in house developed methodology for reduction of nitro groups. The HTC catalyst was not poisoned at all. Several hundred tons of the desired product have been produced reliably over the years.

Case Study


API Synthesis Using Chiral Pool

Benefits for Customer:

  • complex API synthesis
  • improved yields and quality
  • optimized process development schedule
  • transparent and optimized cost structure

The goal was the development and scale-up of an eleven-step laboratory synthesis and the production of several hundred kilograms of the API under cGMP. The synthesis of the API was adapted quickly and the first production in the pilot plant was started within 4 months. While the last steps of the synthesis were still running in the pilot plant, the large-scale production was already started. Due to this parallel approach and a sound project management, the API could be delivered several months earlier than scheduled. The process development included a process optimisation initiative, which resulted in significantly higher yields, reduced reaction times and improved quality of the final product resulting in a substantial cost benefit for the customer.